Staying Up to Speed with Manhattan Associates and a Rapidly Evolving Industry

Manhattan Associates has been around just about every block there is. But that’s the job: they provide the supply chain and omnichannel commerce technology that helps businesses serve customers across the country and around the world.

And, since 2007, Blue Marble has been right there with them.

Running with A Leader

For more than 30 years, Manhattan has built innovative technology solutions that solve the most complex supply chain challenges. And their results have led the industry, with a host of awards including the Gartner Magic Quadrant Report’s “Transportation Management Leader” and the Forrester Wave Report’s “Point of Service Strong Performer.” Across four oceans and six continents Manhattan Associates makes sure that a who’s who of global brands like Puma, Anne Taylor, and Urban Outfitters exceed their customers expectations.

For Blue Marble, we’ve helped tell the many stories of innovation, growth, and opportunity along the way –  from brand positioning films, to product promotions and explainers, from customer case studies to meeting openers. We’ve translated pieces into multiple languages and sent crews to Europe, India, and all across the U.S. From big screens to small screens, it’s all about explaining a complex reality simply. 

And over time, that reality has changed a lot.

Where the Journey Began

Blue Marble has been with Manhattan Associates long enough that we’ve seen the supply chain industry really change. And by “change” we mean grow. A lot.

Managing your supply chain used to be primarily about warehouses and trucks, and shaving cost off of those operations. Now, the modern supply chain is massively complex. It touches and impacts nearly every part of a company’s business. It’s about making more sales, delighting more customers and connecting everything to everything. It’s about offering personalized service like never before, and Manhattan Associates has the solutions that enable and optimize all of it.

As the industry has changed, and Manhattan Associate’s leadership and technological innovations have grown, Blue Marble has been right there with them – telling the bigger and more complex stories of Manhattan’s solutions in a clear and compelling way.

But making it clear starts with us understanding the complex. To walk into meetings with Manhattan Associates’ team of experts, Blue Marble needs a strong understanding of how their company works. We need to know:

  • Their Products
  • Their Innovations
  • Their Customers
  • The Industry’s History
  • The Manhattan Brand

That understanding is what lets us do things like take a two-hour meeting with product specialists and distill the details into a 90-second piece. And, when an industry insider approached us, they told us they loved how clear we’d made the concepts without dumbing it down. And because we  serve a variety of other companies and industries, Blue Marble is always able to bring an outside perspective and fresh ideas.

Keep the Momentum Going

No single video tells the whole story of a company, just as no single video defines Blue Marble’s long standing relationship with Manhattan Associates. We like being a part of their team, and since joining that team in 2007, our commitment remains unwavering: to prove ourselves as an invaluable addition, each and every day.

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