Why a Video Agency of Record Made Sense for the Georgia Dept. of Economic Dev.

Business growth  is job number one for the Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) – that means promoting the state as a great place to live and work to companies from around the globe.  It also means making sure Georgia-based businesses know the state has an incredible wealth of resources to help them grow and flourish. 

Over the years, the department was finding huge success in promoting and communicating through video – on its websites, in social media and in paid placement.  The demand was becoming a lot to manage.

Building a Trusted Team

So, two years ago, GDEcD applied a model that had already worked well for their PR and advertising needs: they contracted their first video agency of record.

The department knew a video agency of record (VAR) could be a game-changer, saving them time and money.  It eliminates the glacial process of bidding-out each and every project while also growing a relationship based on a deepening knowledge of the organization.  And when time is of the essence, a VAR can hit the ground running and get straight to each video solution you need.

There’s a lot to say about Georgia

Just like any company, the state has a brand to maintain – in videos like this one.

The Georgia Center Of Innovation is an important part of GDEcD and is focused on six strategic industries: Aerospace, AgTech, Energy Technology, Information Technology, Logistics, and Manufacturing.  The department has created video content for all of them, including a wide variety of case study videos that profile successful companies that have received resources, knowledge and assistance from the state – as well as industry-specific videos that highlight all the reasons why Georgia is a hot spot for companies in that industry. The King’s Hawaiian success story was perfect for a case study video.  

Attracting and training workers is also a key focus for the GDEcD.  In fact, Georgia has the number one workforce development program in the country, and that’s worth talking about. People ready for a career change can receive training in everything from the skilled trades (electricians, welders, plumbers, etc.) to technical skills for industries like life sciences or logistics.

Booming business means a booming need for workers in the skilled trades.  These Tik Tok inspired videos were designed to speak to high school grads and others thinking about their future.

Helping Georgia Business Connect to the World

The International Trade team at GDEcD uses video to help growing Georgia businesses learn how the state can help them grow internationally.

The Teverra case study video puts a spotlight on a company thriving with the help of the International Trade team.

Helping International Business Connect to Georgia

Over the years, the department has done an incredible job of enticing international companies to bring major parts of their operations to Georgia.  Part of that success is understanding how to communicate with companies from specific countries – starting with “in-language” videos for each country.  For instance, what better way to attract more Japanese companies to Georgia than using Japanese executives who already live and work in Georgia to tell the story?

Capturing Important Events when they Happen

When Rivian announced a new Georgia manufacturing plant, GDEcD needed to capture the press conference and share the news. So Blue Marble got right to work.  Not just with a video press release, but with a branded, crafted promo that made the event shine and got the message out right away.Blue Marble was able to cut exciting videos together for nimble, responsive social media campaigns that got the word out right away.

The Results

The GDEcD’s efforts have clearly paid off. Area Development named Georgia No. 1 for business for nine straight years. And for each of those years, the magazine also ranked Georgia No. 1 for Cooperative & Responsive State Government. From regulatory frameworks to taxes to quality of life and access to educated workers, Georgia keeps coming out on top.

Blue Marble is so proud to help communicate the Georgia story to companies around the world. The videos are all the product of great collaborations between the Blue Marble and GDEcD teams and have received numerous accolades from the Hermes Creative Awards, Telly Awards, The Communicator Awards, Summit Emerging Media Awards, MarCom Awards and Ava Awards.

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