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3 Ways Video Boosts Compliance

From vaccine info to safety and data security — video transforms risk management communications into compelling content.

4 Trends We See for Video Marketing in 2021

With 2020 fading in the rearview, we’re already putting the finishing touches on the first 2021 projects and see clear …

Elevating the Atlanta Symphony Brand

Elevating the Atlanta Symphony Brand

An Animated Logo That Hits All The Right Notes One of my favorite projects last year was for the Atlanta …

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Benchmarking to Breakthrough

Breakthrough video begins with a great concept. Where do great concepts come from?  Read on… The #1, most-frequently asked question …

Twitter Releases New Statistics on Video Marketing

As you probably know, YouTube isn’t the only channel for publishing and sharing your company’s videos.  You’re probably already using …

Native vs Embedded Videos: Which Is Best?

How effective is video as part of a marketing campaign?  Well, a recent survey found that over half of all …

Maximizing Holiday Sales With Video Marketing

Is your company prepared for the 2019 holiday shopping season? With retail sales in the United States expected to exceed …

4 Video Marketing Tips to Convert Browsers Into Shoppers

Online video is an essential selling tool for countless companies. According to Google, four in five consumers have purchased a …

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How Average Viewing Time Affects the Performance of Your Videos

When using videos to promote your company and its products or services, you should pay close attention to average viewing …

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